The members of the Bulgarian Association for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in their professional activities are guided by and adhere to the Code of the Professional Medical Ethics in the Republic of Bulgaria. They are also obliged:

  1. To serve humanity in full responsibility for the dignity of all people, regardless of their racial, ethnical, religious and political characteristics.
  2. Always to aim to improve their medical skills and to reveal them to the patients and colleagues in favour of the profession.
  3. To practice treatment methods on a scientific basis and not to associate themselves professionally with anyone, who does not keep this principle.
  4. To try to protect society and the profession from physicians who are incompetent or are of small moral reputation.
  5. To observe all laws, to keep the honour and dignity of the profession and to accept the self-enforced discipline.
  6. To expose to the Association all cases of illegal and unethical behaviour from unscrupulous colleagues' part.
  7. To render professional assistance in case of emergency.
  8. To deprive themselves from recruiting patients.
  9. To limit the source of professional income to the necessary medical service. The fees should be comparable and adequate to the assistance that has been rendered and the professional qualifications.
  10. To provide drugs and equipment only as to assure the well being of the patient.
  11. When necessary to seek advice in dubious and complicated cases or in case that the quality of the medical service can be increased.
  12. To keep the patients' secret, their infirmity or any other facts and circumstances that have been revealed in accordance with the process of education or medical practice, except in the cases, specified by law.
  13. To honour the ideas of the medical profession and to get involved in the activities, that are to improve the health and the well being of every patient.


The members of the Bulgarian Association for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery are obliged:

  1. To act in the most professional way as members of the Association.
  2. To be responsible and responsive in any public appearance and activity.
  3. To have a clear view of the responsibilities, the behaviour and the disciplinary sanctions in the cases when:
    • The right to practice has been entirely or for an interval of time lost in accordance with legal, political or other normative edicts.
    • Manifestations of medical incompetence, superfluous drug prescription or accusations of sexual harassment are in question.
    • Unjustifiable surgery intervention is being carried out or when treatment that does not improve the condition and is not in favour of the patient is applied
    • Manifestations of unprofessional behaviour or of breaking the Code of the Professional Medical Ethics in the Republic of Bulgaria are in question.
    • Patient are admitted in case of:
      • Advertisements that contain falsely presented information, or that can easily mislead or lead to false or unjustifiable expectations.
      • Advertisements that contain understatement causing false understanding or leading to premature fear and negative emotions on the part of the patient.
      • Hints from the physician that his/her skills are better than those of other specialists with the same qualifications.
    • They glorify themselves by superfluous recommendation of themselves in the media as the only ones who could perform certain types of plastic surgery or when they make neglectful remarks about the ethic or qualifications of other physicians.
  4. The eventual disagreements and conflicts between the members of the Association are to be solved in comradely relationship.