President's Letter

Assoc.Prof. Daniel Yankov

Assoc.Prof. Daniel Yankov
(President of BulAPRAS)


Plastic surgery has been practised since Antiquity and later developed and improved with time. Today it possesses unique opportunities and great potential. Although it is still wrongly perceived and known as surgery focused on beauty and rejuvenation, plastic surgery is the field of medicine that treats disfiguring congenital anomalies, life-threatening burns, and defects and deformities of the human body of various origins. In addition to that, when indications are followed and when it is performed in a professional manner, an aesthetic correction of an imperfect part of the body can improve the self-esteem and contribute to the successful personal and professional realization of the patient.
Ever since its foundation two decades ago, BULAPRAS has walked a difficult path and with the help of the efforts of the previous management, it received the recognition of our medical community and that of the international associations of plastic surgeons.
It is a great honour for me to have the trust of my colleagues and to be elected as a Chairman of BULAPRAS which is what happened at the general assembly in June 2016. I accepted the position with respect for what has been achieved and with the ambition to work in the interest of the already started good initiatives, and the promotion of new ideas and projects, in the name of the quality of plastic surgery and the safety of our patients.
Unfortunately, certain limitations of the professional field in a governmental medical institution, predominantly financial, often present a challenge for a plastic surgeon’s professionalism. In this regard, BULAPRAS will continue to participate actively in the interinstitutional relations in order to improve the working conditions. Together with the contribution of the Association for Continuing Medical Education, through the conducted scientific meetings, conferences, and company presentations of innovative products and technologies, the Association is ready to cooperate in the modernization of the educational and training programs in this speciality.
Through the different sections on the website of BULAPRAS, we will keep you informed about facts and news in the field of plastic surgery, as well as upcoming forums, scientific meetings, and events. In the “Plastic Surgeons” section, our current and future patients can find professional and contact information of the specialists with a degree in Plastic Surgery, currently members of BULAPRAS. Being a part of BULAPRAS is a guarantee for an acquired qualification, which is the first and the most important condition for achieving good results.

Assoc. prof. Daniel Yankov, MD, PhD